Intellectual Property Policy

The Intellectual Property Unit (IPU) of the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment is responsible for Ireland’s policy and legislation on IP that reflects developments in intellectual property policy and practice domestically, at EU level and in terms of international obligations to which Ireland is committed through various international agreements. 

The Departments most recent strategy statement 2016-2019 states:

“In the area of intellectual property, we will actively engage with, and respond to, new challenges in the digital market context, support the deepening of innovation, including at enterprise level. We will strengthen our comprehensive legislative framework for intellectual property rights at domestic, EU and international level."

The Intellectual Property Office of Ireland has and will continue to be involved in achieving  the desired outcome of a “progressive Intellectual Property regime that rewards creators, meets wider societal needs and encourages greater levels of innovation by businesses”, through its day to day activities.  The Office will look to play its part in achieving a modern and responsive regulatory regime for IP and will continue to provide advice on IP policy matters and assist with the preparation of IP legislation (particularly where the policy and legislation impacts on the role of the Controller or creates functions for the Controller).

For more information on the Intellectual Property Unit and Intellectual property policy please consult the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment website.

Contact details for Intellectual Property Unit

Intellectual Property Unit,
Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment, 23 Kildare Street, Dublin 2, D02 TD30.

Tel: 01-6312121
Fax: 01-6312561