Statutory Patent Fees

Patenting costs can vary substantially. Factors such as the type of patent desired (e.g. a short-term patent or a full term patent) and whether protection in Ireland or abroad is sought, are relevant.

The main statutory fees are as follows:

20 Year PatentShort-term Patent
Filing fee:€125€60
Requesting a search before grant:€200.00Not Applicable
Fee for grant:€64.00€30.00

There can be other statutory fees payable depending on such factors as the need to amend applications or extensions of time requirements. In addition, annual patent renewal fees must be paid from the third year in order to keep a patent in force.

In addition to the statutory fees charged by national patent offices, applicants will need to bear in mind the costs of engaging the services of patent agents, which again can vary depending on the extent of the advice and assistance sought.

Details of the Methods of payment.