Tools For Business

IP Tools for business includes a set of practical tools for business which are aimed at providing information and solutions for better management and exploitation of innovative capital and intangible assets in the form of IP.

The Innovaccess toolbox hosts different Intellectual Property (IP) tools useful for SMEs, IP intermediaries and IP actors.

A selection of tools in English from the toolbox are listed below :

IP Fact sheet IP and business plans

Intellectual Asset Audit Starter ToolEnterprise IrelandAbout the IA Starter Tool

Intellectual asset audit starter tool

Intellectual asset audit starter tool.pdf

Capturing Creativity Intellectual Asset Management and IP StrategyEnterprise IrelandAbout the Capturing CreativityCapturing Creativity - Intellectual Asset Management and IP Strategy
Trade Secrets: An efficient tool for competitivenessIPR HelpdeskAbout the Trade secrets toolTrade-Secrets
Your Guide to IP in Horizon 2020 IPR HelpdeskAbout Your Guide to IP in Horizon 2020IP in Horizon 2020
Copyright EssentialsIPR HelpdeskAbout Copyright essentialCopyright essentials
Espacenet GuideEuropean Patent AcademyAbout the Espacenet guideEspacenet Guide
DOMAIN NAMES and CYBERSQUATTINGIPR HelpdeskAbout Domain names and cybersquattingDomain Names and cybersquatting
Guide to IP in Europe

IPR Helpdesk

About IP in EuropeIP in Europe

Intellectual Property and business plans fact sheet

IPR HelpdeskIP Fact sheet IP and business plans.pdf

If a toolbox-user wants to use the material of any tool from the toolkit for developing services, he has to request access to the material of the tool by contacting the provider. All material will, in principle be made available free of charge, however access to material of certain tools may be subject to the condition of signing a license agreement.