Which Kind of IP is Right for You

Regardless of what your business or service is, it is highly likely that one or more of the main Intellectual Property rights will be applicable.

In order to determine which IP rights are best for you, consider the following:

Almost every business will have a trade name, brand or product name that can be protected with a Trade Mark.

Have you created a new product or technical process? Or technically modified an existing product? If so, you may be eligible for Patent protection.

Are you a jewellery, furniture or fashion designer? Perhaps you are making pottery or ornaments? Or have you simply modified or changed the APPEARANCE of an existing product… if so, then perhaps Design Protection will be applicable.

If you have created website content, produced advertising material or training manuals, written a song or a book or created a work of art, you will have automatic Copyright Protection.

Or maybe you have a food product with a unique process  or a unique technical process which may fall under Trade Secrets.

It is not uncommon for more than one right to be applicable.