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Department of Enterprise, Trade & Employment

Intellectual Property Unit

Enterprise Ireland

Citizens Information (Information on Public Services)

Solas (Further Education and Training Authority)

Local Enterprise Office (LEO’s)

Companies Registration Office

National Development Plan

Registered Patent Agents

Registered Trade Mark Agents

International Intellectual Property Offices

Intellectual Property Rights Helpdesk


EPOLINE (EPO online Patent register & more)

EUIPO (European Union Trade Marks and Designs Office)

WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation)

EPO (European Patent Office)

European Patent Institute

National Patent Offices




Armenia (Eurasian Patent Organization) (EAPO)

Australian Patent Office

Austrian Patent Office

Azerbaijan (Eurasian Patent Organization) (EAPO)

Belarus (Eurasian Patent Organization) (EAPO)

Belgian Office for Intellectual Property (OPRI)

Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP)

Brazilian Patent Office


Canadian Intellectual Property Office

Croatian Patent Office

Czech Patent Office

Danish Patent Office



Finnish Patent Office

French Patent Office

German Patent Office

Greek Industrial Property Organisation

Hong Kong Patent Office

Iceland Patent Office

Indonesian Patent Office

Italian Patent Office

Japanese Patent Office


Korean Intellectual Property Office

Kyrgystan (Eurasian Patent Organization) (EAPO)


Lithuanian Patent Office

Luxembourg Patent Office

Macedonian Patent Office

Malaysian Intellectual Property Office

Mexican Patent Office


Netherlands Patent Office

New Zealand Intellectual Property Office

Norwegian Industrial Property Office

Peruvian Intellectual Property Office

Philippines Intellectual Property Office

Polish Patent Office

Portugeese Patent Office

Romanian Patent Office

Russian Patent Office

Singaporean Patent Office

Slovak Republic Patent Office

Slovenian Patent Office

Spanish Patent Office

Swedish Patent Office

Swiss Institute of Intellectual Property

Taiwan Intellectual Property Office

Tajikistan (Eurasian Patent Organization) (EAPO)

Turkey (Eurasian Patent Organization) EAPO)

United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office

United States Patent and Trademark Office



The Association of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys (APTMA)

Intellectual Property and Information Society Law, Univ, of Alicante, Spain

Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (UK)